Here are some of our Members and their particular collecting interests.

If you are interested in the stamps they are collecting or have some that you think they may be interested in then please feel free to JOIN or contact us here or use the message box below & we will pass on the details.
Member Name
Mike Lean
Papua New Guinea, German New Guinea, Dutch New Guinea, Netherlands Indies, Germany, Japanese Occupation
Jennifer Waldroff
George V, Aust States, New Guinea, New Zealand
Dawn Pettifer
Uruguay, Italy
Ann McGregor
Qld Pictorial Postmarks, Qld Postmarks, Postmarks from towns no longer in existence
Bob McCausland
All Countries
Keith Donpon
Max Lennox
Religion, Golf
Val Chadband
New Guinea

Jeff Marks


Jill Laedwig
UK, Canada, Australia, and wider British Commonwealth
Ken Briggs
Norfolk Island, Australia
Peter Rule
Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, Pacific, AAT, Militaria
Stuart Napier
Maps on Stamps, Australian Year Books
John Foster
Postmarks – Travelling Post Offices NSW and SA


Swiss used, Aust States postmarks, esp SA squared circles and on Tas Pictorials.

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