Letter of the Month:
At each meeting, we nominate a letter for the following month. The idea is that you search for an item from your collection that relates to that letter. For example, the letter could be “C”, so you could bring Canadian stamps, Cuban stamps, stamps with cats, crocodiles, crowns, or covers with censor’s markings – the options are up to you. Club members view the items which are often unusual and frequently something they haven’t seen before. You receive $2 mint money for bringing in something for the letter of the month.

Monthly Quiz
We hold a 10 question stamp quiz at each meeting. The topic, normally Australian stamps from a particular year, is given out at the previous meeting, so you have a chance to brush up on the topic beforehand. Each question you answer correctly wins you $1 in mint money.

Mad 5 Minutes
The main purpose of the Mad 5 Minutes is to assist club members to find those elusive stamps that may be residing in another member’s collection. It is, in effect, a “want list” of stamps you wish to purchase from other club members – if they have them and want to sell them.

Scavenger Hunt

The club will be running a short scavenger hunt in 2022, starting in July and finishing in November. Members will be provided with a list of stamps they must hunt for during the period, and there will be a great prize on offer. It’s a great time to go through your collection and the exchange books hunting for some very elusive items.

Show and Tell
Members often come across interesting and unique items. These do not necessarily have to be philatelic items, and it is always great to bring things along and share with the rest of the club. You get $5 mint money for a show and tell item.

Mint Money Auction
The Club’s Mint Money Auction is run at the November meeting. It’s a popular night and lots of fun. You can earn Mint Money throughout the year and trade it in for raffle tickets at the November meeting.
We purchase and have donated a significant number of prizes which range from Lighthouse stockbooks, stamps and stamp accessories to wine, chocolates, jewellery and biscuits. You simply place your raffle tickets in the box associated with the prize you wish to win and hope your ticket is drawn. Most members go home with at least one prize. Some have managed as many as seven!

Mini Auction
Each year, as a result of some generous donations, the Club receives quite a few old albums, small collections, miscellaneous stamps and assorted stamp paraphernalia. We realise on the donations by holding a “mini auction”. Club members also have the opportunity to submit up to 10 lots for the Auction.
The Auction night is a lot of fun, with auctioneer Ken Briggs keeping us all laughing.
As 10% of the sales of members’ lots and 100% of the donated lots goes to the Club, it also raises some funds for us.
The Mini Auction happens at the May meeting, so start thinking about getting some lots ready for the night!

Ways to win Mint Money
$1 – Attending the Meeting
$1 – Wearing your badge at the meeting
$1 – for each correct answer in the monthly quiz.
$2- Bringing something for “Letter of the Month”
$5 – Bringing something for “Show and Tell”
$10 – Filling in for an absent office bearer